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There are theories about oneness, super consciousness that connects us all or energy that surrounds us.

I think we are cells in a giant body. Each cell has a special assigned role to play, duty to fulfill. Sometimes it may happen that, for example, a skin cell may feel not as important as a brain cell. That will cause low self esteem in that skin cell and unnecessary suffering.

Yes, all cells are different, some are more complicated then others, some have more important things to do, BUT they are all NEEDED for the entire body to exist and function right. There would not be a healthy body without the skin or without the brain.

If we all look at the entire population this way, we will appreciate every being, we will be grateful for doctors, politicians and simple sidewalk sweepers or store clerks. We are all needed for the body that we create to function properly. We are all important and should be proud of the roles we play in life. Without us, this giant body would not exist. This is how I see how we all are connected. This is our oneness.

Three Levels of Consciousness  

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Consciousness means all known words and ideas and the functioning within them (everything you do/experience consciously).

Subconsciousness means the essence of actions in goodness (positive and good) without awareness (everything good that you do/experience but you are not aware of it).

Unconsciousness means the essence of bad or negative actions without awareness (everything bad that you do/experience but you are not aware of it).

Our basic beliefs, which I call codes or programs, lie in these three consciousness levels. When we want to make a change in our life, all three levels need to be in agreement. For example, you make a conscious decision (conscious level) to quit smoking. 1-2 days later you start smoking again and you wonder why. That shows that on the subconscious and/or unconscious levels, you did not really want to quit smoking and your actions show it. It is not a matter of free will or not trying hard enough. Change can only take place when you want the same on all three consciousness levels. Lack of desired outcome, determined by examining your actions, signals that there is disagreement between consciousness levels. Any contrary codes will make your endeavors unsuccessful.

To achieve the desired change, you need to have an internal dialog to see what codes regarding particular matter each consciousness level holds. That means you need to ask questions within yourself, like: "What does my subconsciousness think about it?" "What does my uncosciousness think about it?" "Why....?" "What does it mean?", etc. After recognizing the codes on each consciousness level, you need to explain why the desired change is beneficial. You have to keep explaining until all levels are in agreement. Yes, it is YOU talking to the three consciousness levels and it is all internal. It seems like work and IT IS. Once there is agreement on all three levels the change becomes reality.

My Thoughts on Dignity  

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Dignity is my self worth, my pride, my honor and my value. I have realized that I have dignity in every role I play in life. I have dignity as a woman, dignity as a mother, dignity as a worker, dignity as a friend, etc. Each role in life creates its own dignity in me.

It is possible to loose one dignity while the others are still preserved. A few weeks ago, I experienced just that. After watching some videos on the Internet, my dignity as a woman crashed. As a woman I felt degraded and that caused a lot of emotions in me, ranging from sadness to anger. As a woman, I identified with the women I saw and I felt personally ashamed. It took me a day or two to get my balance back, the balance of the woman in me. I had to accept that other women have the right to do what they want to do no matter how much I disagree with them. That allowed me to disconnect from them and regain my dignity as a woman. I need to remember that I am an individual, responsible only for my own actions.

Perhaps I never really lost my dignity, I only lost a view of it. My ignorance and lack of acceptance of the choices of other women clouded my vision. Accepting them made me see and feel my dignity again.

I think the best idea is to stick to our most basic role in life, the role of a human. On this level we are all equal and in my view, that's the easiest dignity to build. Yes, we build dignity as we learn more about ourselves in each role we play.

What Is the Mechanism of Offensiveness?  

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There is gross and subtle offensiveness. Gross is obvious, while subtle is often unintended. I am more interested in the subtle one. It is hard to know when I offend someone in a subtle way when it is not my agenda to do so. I say something and the other side gets offended, gets touched in a sensitive spot that I am not aware of.

I recall my latest experience. I was speaking with one nice lady who at one point was trying to joke but I did not like her words, the joke was not funny to me. I did not laugh but I also did not show her that her words hurt me. I was disturbed by her words. Even though I know that she did not mean to offend me, I felt offended. She was not responsible for what I felt, but I was. Since I felt offended, I have to look at myself. Sadly, knowing and understanding that does not detach the poor lady from the experience. In the future I may try to avoid her presence out of fear of being offended again.

The point is when I get offended I have to focus on myself, what exactly offended me and why, what I don't understand or know that causes me to feel offended. It is again an opportunity to learn more about myself and learn the things I need to change to make progress in life, to push and go beyond my boundaries. In fact, when there is something I don't accept in myself, I will get the help from others who will come to me and pin-point all the shortcomings in me in order to help me to change. They may say words that will offend me, but if I look at it as a tool to show me where I need to change, then I will accept their words. They will help even though they may not be aware of the process. Feeling offended is good, makes me focus on a problem in me that needs my attention.

One may say "If you do exactly as you explained in your post, accept responsibility for your own feelings and look inside yourself for the reason(s) you experience them, you will have no need to protect yourself by avoiding this person because the fear of being offended again will no no longer exist.".

I agree but knowing the tool and how to use it does not automatically do the work! Until I analyze and understand entire situation I may be stuck with some negative feelings towards that lady. It is even possible to carry such feelings for years because it is often easier to blame someone than admit that there is a problem in me.

What is more powerful, Love or Hate?  

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I believe that Love is more powerful than Hate. When we hate someone or something, we, to say the least, send negative thoughts toward the object of our hate. Some even pray, very eagerly, that something bad happens to the object of their hate. Will that prayer be answered? Of course not. In fact the hate words you say in your mind, or out loud, will all come back to you with their consequences sooner or later. The mechanism is the same whether you wish someone good or ill. What you wish for others, you actually wish for yourself. So, every time you say a word, notice what you are saying because this way you are creating your own future. Always say to others ONLY the things which you want to happen in your life. So choose Love. Love words reach the object of our love and also come back to us. Then we all welcome this kind of energy, don't we? In the end Love always wins!

Love and Hate  

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Love and hate are emotions. Love is a positive emotion and hate is a negative one. They are opposites, like two sides of a coin. We learn both in life. Love and hate are extremes but there are other emotions in between.

Hate is caused by fear, but what causes fear itself? We fear things we don’t know, don’t understand or don’t feel, and that means we fear things we have no knowledge of. Ultimately, hate is caused by a lack of knowledge.

To free ourselves from hate and fear we have to learn about the things we hate. Bring to mind something that you hated but began to like as soon as you learned more about it. The process is always the same. As you learn more, you slowly begin to change. Hate subsides and you go through other negative emotions like disliking, unaccepting and disagreeing. Those emotions are not as strong as hate. If you continue the process of learning, you will eventually get to the point of accepting or even liking something that previously caused your hate. In some cases you may even grow to love it. Yes, that was the case of tomato soup that I hated as a child and now it is one of my favorites.

This shows a process of going from negative emotions to positive ones. Sometimes in life we might experience the opposite process when we love something but in due course, as we discover the truth, we begin to hate it. That is also a learning process. When we reach the hate stage, we have to continue to learn, perhaps by looking at the thing or the matter from another angle. Always realize that that which you hate has a right to exist.

Emotions are good since they signal where we are in the process of learning. In short, hate means we know nothing, love means we know a lot but that is still not the end of learning. Yes, it is not the end. In fact, when you know everything about a particular thing or matter, you become free from emotions and they are no longer needed. They have already helped you to reach a full understanding.